I like extreme sex

I like extreme sex
Let me introduce myself I am bram and I am 19 years old. My hobbies are playing football and reading. As a profession I am a truck driver. But what I love to do most is extreme sex with my girlfriend. In our basement we have made a sex basement. So that we can go crazy every Saturday night. For example, I often bind myself to my wife and give her whips blows.
But we also have a fuck machine.

For example, I once tied her up on a sex chair on a Saturday evening. I then placed the fuck machine in front of her and opened it full. She groaned so loudly that she only gagged at once to muffle the sound.
She came so hard and it sprayed in all directions. Erna tied her up with chains on the wall and got her whip details. After 10 minutes I put her in a cage. I left her there until Sunday morning.

On Sunday morning I immediately tied her up again on the sex chair and grabbed the fuck machine. Getting ready in the morning is always good. And after 10 minutes and a lot of moans she came so hard again.
Now I have found out that my wife loves to be dominated and used as a slave. So now we do a Bondage sm session every Saturday evening. My wife loves it and always wants more.

I recommended to everyone. Bondage sex is sometimes loved by women. With us it keeps the relationship very strong. We have been together for 10 years now and have been doing bondage and sex for at least 8 years. Hold harder the better we always say. And pushing the boundaries of sex keeps things exciting.


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