Ladies love extreme sex

Ladies love extreme sex
I am tim I am 36 years old and have had many women. Most of my exes liked extreme sex. For example, my first ex was such that she liked to be eaten. But I didn’t just want to be eaten, but I had to tie her hard first and put on a blindfold and gag.


Second liked to be taken from behind but while she was tied up and had no way to go.

Third ex loved to be hit hard. I always had to tie her to the bed and then work with the belt then she loved. My fourth ex loved it when I pushed my penis into her mouth as deeply as possible.


It had to go so far that she almost choked on it. So I captured her with her hands on the bed and sat on her. I grabbed her head and said it started hard. The harder I lifted her head up and down, the harder she blew. Until I finished, she swallowed everything.

Fifth ex Loved everything she just wanted to be taken harder and harder.

I tied her up and always called her hard. She always said the louder the better, so I did the weirdest things with her. It was like that one day I had tied her up with her hands on her feet. She crawled on the ground, she could do nothing. Then put her on the bed and took her hard. She absolutely loved it and she thought it was so horny.

The girlfriend I have now is completely extreme, she does everything. It’s no problem from anal to bondage. That’s why I’m so happy to be with her now. She likes hardcore sex but also bondage and sm sex. What else do you want


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